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Memories from the future

The Telegraph, 16 October 2004


Internationally acclaimed abstract-expressionist artist Fate Velaj personally opens a three week exhibition of his memories from the future paintings at Royal Leamingron Art Gallery, on Friday 15 October at 7pm.

This is the most comprehensive exhibition to date by acclaimed artist Fate Velaj. Velaj’s work is abstract, reflecting an ongoing preoccupation with the materiality of paint and the process of painting, but at the same time is inspired by the nature and look of everyday urban life. Velaj’s work becomes part of the world he celebrates rather than a representation of it, at once open and pragmatic. Velaj has developed a number of distinct strategies, sets of predetermined rules he uses to define the structures of his paintings.

Vienna-based artist, Fate Velaj, has taken part in symposiums and exhibited extensively throughout Europe, his works appear in various arts magazines and exhibition catalogues, and he is represented in the collections of many galleries and museums worldwide.
He received the order of the republic of Austria for special merit in art and culture, and is chairman of the board and art curator of forum Weltoffen-International artist network.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 15 October to 13 November