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erhard busek-president of eropean forum alpbach - (en)

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alpbach, august 2008

„good morning balkan“ is an evocative title. it links memories of a dark and possibly unpleasant night that lies behind with the hope for a new beginning ahead. “good morning balkan” echoes “good morning vietnam”, a film that tells a story of anarchic humour in the midst of a grotesque war. “good morning balkan” can be interpreted as a friendly greeting, but it is also a wake-up call.

this wake-up call, in my opinion, goes out more than anything to the politicians and economic decision-makers outside the balkan region, especially in europe. to understand the wake-up call correctly, you have to be clear about the fact that to say “good morning balkan” is not so much a memento pointing to the dark past of the 1990s, but much more an invitation to seize the manifold opportunities that the balkan region offers today – politically and economically.

the invitation is equally valid for each and every member of the general public. it is an invitation to get to know the countries of the balkan region. there are cultures waiting to be explored, people to be met, stories to be told.

with his project “good morning balkan”, fate velaj has created an ingenious way of expressing the state-of-mind of the balkans. with pieces of art that immediately grip the beholder’s imagination, he presents to the world a cross-section of the region’s memories, interests, worries and hopes. it is a reminder of the fact that there is a lot of constructive and creative energy in the balkans, and there is much that the people there can teach to the rest of the world .i am very proud to present “good morning balkan” to you here in alpbach.