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ferdinand trauttmansdorff-austrian ambassador in egypt - (en)

cairo, 15 november 2002

greetings words in occasion of the opening of the exhibition "between danube and nile" in novembre 2002 in cairo

an exhibition, presenting a group of artists living and working in austria, but originating from countries so different as iraq, bosnia, albania, bulgaria ,macedonia, turkey, czech  republic, japan, south  korea, columbia, france, germany and  austria together with egyptian artists seem a unique opportunity for a genuine encounter of different cultures and civilizations.

gazing through works of art ,which unite such a variety of national, ethnic and social backgrounds in one single showroom, provides   the right asset for an intense dialogue with the artists, their work, their world, their social, religious, political, ethnic environments, their personal experiences, their views, their grievances, their joy, their frustrations, their hopes, their talents. the differences among the nations and societies that they represent have in the past led to conflict, battles, suffering, death and destruction. but we can and should experience the variety of backgrounds that they represent as an extraordinary wealth , which can also serve at the right basis for creativity, mutual understanding and respect reconciliation and peace.
please, dear visitor, plunge into this wealth and take the chance of drawing your own conclusions from this unique offer.

we are grateful to forum weltoffen for organising this exhibition. mr. fatmir velaj and his “forum weltoffen” proved  of many occasions that a productive and peaceful encounter among different cultures is possible even in areas of bitter conflict, like one the balkans. this exhibitions shows us that there is enough reason for all countries, nations, cultures and civilisation not to despise and fight but to respect each other.