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George Papandreou - Greek Foreign Minister -(en)

  • papandreou

Athens, 21 Mai 2003

The exhibition "Good Morning Balkan coincide with Greece’s tenure of the presidency of the European Union, a presidency which places culture high among its priorities. The Balkan as a region is a multi-cultural area¬† which peoples who share common past, common heritage and historical tradition.

The EU’s efforts in the realm of culture focus on regional cooperation, bringing the peoples of region ever closer.

Initiatives taken during recent years, such as the stability pact for south-eastern Europe (SP), the stabilisation and association process(SAP) for Western Balkans, the launching of the “Balkans European Integrations Process/Thessaloniki Process” and the procedure of S.E.E.C.P, are expressions of the importance and interest attributed by the union to the region

I would like to thank the “Forum Weltoffen” and the Austrian Embassy for its inspirited initiative and encourage you to continue to share the vision of an integrated, coherent,¬† yet full of diversity, European Union embracing the entire european continent