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Ioannis Patelis - Minister of Tourismus of Greece - (en)

  • patelis

Athens, 25 mai 2003

Wth great pleasure i send my greetings to the organisers of the art exhibitions “good morning balkan” the Greek Government and the Greek national tourism organisation pay special attention to the development of a closer cooperation among the countries in South East Europe.

Our goals is the presentation of the common cultural and historical bonds and the creation of common tourist programmes that promote our civilization as well as the creation of cultural travelogues.

“Good morning Balkan” event happens appropriate period of time so as to support this attempt and underline our cooperation on cultural issues.

Greece, a member of eu now in the presidency, has taken severalĀ  initiatives for the second semester of 2003 to promote the cooperation among the regional countries. These activities are of great importance since most countries are under accession in the eu or nominated to enter , therefore, events such as” good morning balkan” are extremely helpful for the people to come closer and to get more acquainted.i would like to wish the very best and congratulate you on your initiative.