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boris nemsic-ceo mobilkom austria (en)

  • boris nemsic

Vienna, 26 August 2008

The Balkan region, more than almost any other, has been marked by the political and social changes it has experienced over the past twenty years.

Today the Balkans are a region of heterogeneous and small nations, a "melting pot" of ethnic, cultural, religious and economic differences – and it is exactly this which makes the area so exciting.

The art and culture scene in the Balkans has also developed rapidly, for art has long been closely linked to social change and has always been a pioneer for mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

Art can help us come to terms with the past and can build bridges between countries and cultures.

"Think global, act local" is a guiding principle for the mobilkom austria group, and so the acceptance and conscious exchange of unique cultural characteristics within the group is especially important.

With innovative projects such as the exhibition "Good Morning Balkan," we want to help build bridges between the countries of Southeast Europe.

The goal of this commitment is to show how important it is for all people, and especially for a future Europe, to recognize other cultures in all their individuality.