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catalogue - "...between danube and nile" national art centre of egypt, cairo 2002 - ©

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17. november 2002 exhibition catalogue, 52 pages, 24x17 cm in colour, published in cairo with texts in englisch and arab by samir faarag, ferdinand trauttmansdorf and fate velaj.
for more information about the exhibition please see " views of activities

samir faraag - president of the national cultural centre of egypt
within the framework of cooperation between egypt opera house and forum weltoffen in austria , it as been agreed upon to make an exhibition for the nile and the danube with the aim of the strengthening and deepening the relationship between egypt, why has on of the oldest civilisations of the world, and all other nations for assembling and uniting the world various cultures. in spite of the differences of the world societies and cultures art domain can absorb all the artists of the different nations, so, some artists who work and live in austria where hosted through the fact that they have various background as albania, austria, bosnia,  bulgaria, czech republic, columbia, france, germany, japan, s.korea, iraq, macedonia,  etc, in one show room together with their egyptian artist fellows to exhibit their artistic works expressing their experience of joy, sorrow and hope under the title of  “ …between danube and nile…”
the head of “forum weltoffen” mr. fate velaj  is endeavouring to deepen the sense of cooperation among the world nations despite the difference of their backgrounds, religions and political system. they are gathered through art and culture to discuss and show their works which reflect the culture and civilisation of their countries. in this exhibition we had the opportunity to dialogue with some foreign artists  in a respectful and appreciative manner. twelve artist participants from egypt who resembled samples of the egyptian art attended this show namely dr. magdy abdel aziz, who played a big role in the coordination and organisation of the exhibition, dr. hussein el gebali, dr. aida abdel karim, mr. makram hunein, mr. khamis shehata, mrs. fayza abdel moniem, dr. zeynab al zegeny and dr. hazem fathallah, and dr. omar el nagdi. the exhibition received a great admiration from critics artists and university professors and was visited by a great number of the audience who witnessed its big success .it also was covered by some informational channels such as orbit, the enlightenment channel and the good morning egypt channel, nile tv. news 1, etc, as well as official newspapers published many items about it and its importance. we are looking foreword  to greater cooperation in this field because such exhibitions do have a great incentive to peace and an assertion that egypt is a peaceful country which embraces wide world art.

ferdinand trauttmansdorff-austrian ambassador in egypt
an exhibition, presenting a group of artists living and working in austria, but originating from countries so different as iraq, bosnia, albania, bulgaria ,macedonia, turkey, czech  republic, japan, south  korea, columbia, france, germany and  austria together with egyptian artists seem a unique opportunity for a genuine encounter of different cultures and civilizations.
gazing through works of art ,which unite such a variety of national, ethnic and social backgrounds in one single showroom, provides   the right asset for an intense dialogue with the artists, their work, their world, their social, religious, political, ethnic environments, their personal experiences, their views, their grievances, their joy, their frustrations, their hopes, their talents. the differences among the nations and societies that they represent have in the past led to conflict, battles, suffering, death and destruction. but we can and should experience the variety of backgrounds that they represent as an extraordinary wealth , which can also serve at the right basis for creativity, mutual understanding and respect reconciliation and peace.
please, dear visitor, plunge into this wealth and take the chance of drawing your own conclusions from this unique offer.
we are grateful to forum weltoffen for organising this exhibition. mr. fatmir velaj and his “forum weltoffen” proved  of many occasions that a productive and peaceful encounter among different cultures is possible even in areas of bitter conflict, like one the balkans. this exhibitions shows us that there is enough reason for all countries, nations, cultures and civilisation not to despise and fight but to respect each other.

fate velaj-chairman of forum weltoffen international
history is heavily influenced by the migration of people from one country to another. they contribute in enriching our society economically and culturally.
“forum weltoffen” has set itself the task to discover this creative potential present in all cultures, to make it visible and to use  it in the development  of society. through different cultural activities we try to bring cultures together in order to foster greater mutual the development of society. art and culture should act as a bridge allowing people to meet in an open and open –minded way.
dears art lovers.
here in cairo we are showing multicultural austria at its best in the hope that in can act as an example in a world full of complex problems which is now more than ever looking for peaceful solution. we as artists cannot solve these problems but as creative and critical members of society we offer new ideas, concepts, perspectives and genuine alternatives. at the same time we are the best example for more dialogue, tolerance and understanding.
artist try to make our world a better place and i am convinced that our exhibition in cairo is a step in the right direction and represent a small contribution towards  achieving this goal.
therefore, i would like to thank all the contributing artists from very different parts of the world and all the contributing  artists from egypt who have both declared their readiness to participate in this new and unique initiative.
i also would like to thank all institutions involved in the preparation of the exhibition.